State of Flux by Rachael Stephen – Book Cover Redesign

Like many aspiring authors, I’ve ploughed my way across a fair number of writing advice videos. That’s how I discovered the indie author Rachael Stephen, and her debut novel State Of Flux. When reading through reviews, a user said that State Of Flux was one of the best indie-author book he’d read in a very long while. I would have to agree with that statement.

Here’s a quick blurb of the novel. Thirty years ago, trailblazing graffiti-legend Flux vanished. Trinai isn’t Flux. She’s not a legend. But she’s doing her best impression.

Rachael Stephen’s description of the graffiti art in her novel were so captivating my imagination went whirling away. I also felt that for such a violent, yet colourful novel, the original cover was very demure. So I wanted to give a hand at designing my own version of the cover.

The creative process started with the creation of the black figure in the center of the cover. I created this figure by vectoring a high contrasted photo captured on the run. Then perfected and polished. I wanted to keep the colour palette of the original cover, which also matches Rachael Stephen’s branding.

I hope you enjoy it! Tell me what you thought, and don’t forget to give the book a read it it intrigued you.

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