Wave Your Flags by Phildel – Album Cover Redesign

Phildel is an indie singer-songwriter who creates an ethereal, bright world with her music. She is one of my favourite artists to listen to; her music has carried me through a lot of dark times, inspired so many aspects of my current novel.

Seeing as I’ve recently been dabbling in book cover design, I thought, why not do a cover re-design for her upcoming album “Wave Your Flags“. The first single from this album was just released yesterday. You can go listen to it here.

Phildel has a soft crystalline voice. Her voice feels like that of a muse from Greek mythology, or a fairy from our childhood stories; an old spirit singing with beauty, singing songs of comfort. Visually, with her long dark locks, framing her soft features, she could live amongst the elves of Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings. Her first album, the Disappearance of the Girl incarnates that very image.

Her new album, “Wave Your Flags” dares reach out to more modern sounds. I am one her patrons on Patreon.com so I’ve had access to certain to-be-released songs. And between the track “The Deep”, and the track “Oh, Love”, it seemed to me as though this new album would have a slight electro touch. Not to the point of a night-club, base-heavy sound either (Although, I haven’t heard the whole album, and one might be surprised…).

So the album cover I came up with tried to combine the ethereal, Celtic aspect, with the new modern touch. Here’s the album cover that made.


I decided to make the ethereal aspect work on the cover through her hair. Phildel’s long flowing hair is a signature part of her appearance. My main inspiration there was Alphonse Mucha. Who better than the master of art-nouveau elegance when drawing hair?

The mask of the ram was not my idea. He is one of the key visual elements of the journey this album will be taking us on. Because alongside her songs, Phildel truly creates a world for her audience. The videos that accompany all of her works are stunning to look at. And the animation that accompanies the video for the Deep has one the most alluring colour palettes I have seen. I used the same mask of the ram to symbolize the modernity in my case.

And so her voice seems to be singing out this stained glass ram mask, illuminating through the otherwise dark cover with a colour. Just like her album is already inviting us to witness.

Phildel is an artist who has inspired me in my own work so much. I have so much to thank her for. I said that her music has carried for through dark times, and that is no lie. She’s been the voice that kept company and comforted me in a lot of those moments. I am not yet brave enough to share out there all of my personal stories, and nor is not the time. I ow to her also, so many moments in my manuscript of Always Wear Gloves.

So, dear Phildel, if you are reading this, even though we are strangers, and I am but one small voice in a sea of the internet, thank you for helping me heal and helping me create. You wrote, “I’ll send a storm, to capture your heart, and bring you home.” And in my case, truer words couldn’t be said.

And to all of you other people out there, who have read my words, I hope I’ve introduced you to a new artist, and hope her music will accompany you as it has accompanied me.

* * *


There was quite a process behind this creation, and I thought, why not share it? If you came all the way here to read about my creation, which I very thankful for, I might as well show the different process that came about.

So here it is. From the first drawing, the inking in, to the many many different colour test I did.

I was a bit lost when it came time to chose the colours. I’d had so many ideas. I passed a poll amongst my friends and close acquaintances. The reasoning behind was that, in the world of design, where there is a coming and going between client and designer, opinions will come into play. If I were to work for someone but myself, each step would have exactly that; options and ideas spread out, and the poll was my way of faking those interactions.

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