“Pretty Girls Have Double Chins” – Book Cover

So the other day I whipped out my paintbrushes. This painted lady was in no way meant to exist. But the excitement of painting was there with me so I just kept on going, painting whatever I fancied. This was one of the better outcomes amongst all the paint sketches.

When painting this woman, the emaciated aspect of her face with the very chiselled cheekbones and long nose had me thinking of all the beauty expectations that women (and men) are assaulted by daily.  From that, the idea of a book that would discuss beauty expectancies, their impact on society and how they evolved through time came to my mind.

The title came almost naturally; it seemed like an angry retort to my painting. As if different times had come and assaulted it, smearing their discontent with paint across her face. Indeed, for a time, double chins were considered marks of beauty, status and richness.

The bright colours came to mind through the concept of protest. Protest movements have always carried signs high and proud, loud with colour and contrast. So my book cover is the same.

Right now, “Pretty Girls Have Double Chins” is not a real book. Unfortunately. But this subject matter fascinates me so much. We never know what the future holds… I may write it one day.

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